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Upcoming Classes at Quilts Like Crazy

Please check back often as class schedules may change.

Here you will find a list of all upcoming classes. If you would like to attend a class you must submit your registration and pay the fee prior to the start of class. Payment and registrations may be hand delivered to our store or submitted by mail.


Wake Forest Embroidery

Wake Forest Embroidery

class level: Beginner
instructor: Barb Hendricks
cost: $10.00

start time: 10:00 am
end time: 5:00 pm

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This class is for all embroidery machines and all skill levels. If you are unsure of how to use your machine then you will have one on one time with the instructor.  If you just want to work on a project that you are unsure of how to proceed, then help will be available.  There will be no specific project--just help.  Bring your Embroidery Machine and supplies for the project you want to work on. In other words, bring one of those many designs that you have collected, but never started and Barb will work with you to get some projects completed.

 Don't forget your machine's manual, power cord, transfer cable or usb and hoops.
Bring a bag lunch and join us!

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session 1:  Tuesday (04/04/2017)


Beginner Sampler

Beginner Sampler

class level: Beginner
instructor: Gayle Vargo
cost: $80.00

start time: 1:00 pm
end time: 4:00 pm

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This is the best class for a true beginner. You will learn numerous techniques and complete a wall-hanging sized sampler quilt. Each class, you will complete two blocks. After completing this class, you will have all the skills necessary to complete any beginner level pattern of your choice, or to take other classes and continue to improve your skills.

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session 1:  Wednesday (04/12/2017)
session 2:  Wednesday (04/19/2017)
session 3:  Wednesday (04/26/2017)
session 4:  Wednesday (05/03/2017)
session 5:  Wednesday (05/10/2017)
session 6:  Wednesday (05/17/2017)


Wake Forest Quarter Seamers

Wake Forest Quarter Seamers

class level: All Levels
instructor: Betsy
cost: $25.00

start time: 10:00 am
end time: 1:00 pm

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Filled Class that meets monthly.

This happens:
session 1:  Saturday (02/18/2017)
session 2:  Saturday (03/18/2017)
session 3:  Saturday (04/15/2017)
session 4:  Saturday (05/20/2017)
session 5:  Saturday (06/17/2017)
session 6:  Saturday (07/15/2017)
session 7:  Saturday (08/19/2017)
session 8:  Saturday (09/16/2017)
session 9:  Saturday (10/21/2017)
session 10:  Saturday (11/18/2017)
session 11:  Saturday (12/16/2017)


The Sassy Scrap Addict Club

The Sassy Scrap Addict Club

class level: Beginner
instructor: Rosann Parrinello
cost: $5.00

start time: 10:00 am
end time: 12:00 pm

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Do you have a basket, box, or cabinets full of scrap fabric that you need to find a use for? Join the Club! The first 2 meetings will be how to organize and cut the scraps to get the most use. After that, you will start creating more beautiful things by using YOUR scraps.

This happens:
session 1:  Wednesday (04/19/2017)
session 2:  Wednesday (05/18/2016)



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