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Upcoming Classes at Quilts Like Crazy

Please check back often as class schedules may change.

Here you will find a list of all upcoming classes. If you would like to attend a class you must submit your registration and pay the fee prior to the start of class. Payment and registrations may be hand delivered to our store or submitted by mail.


Wake Forest Quarter Seamers

class level: All Levels
instructor: Debbie Powell
cost: $25.00

start time: 10:00 am
end time: 1:00 pm

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This is a very successful club that is going on in many areas.  We would like to try one here in Quilts Like Crazy.  It's a group of quilters getting together to share and learn.  You do not have to be an advanced quilter to join.  We will meet every second Friday morning from 10 to 1.  I will teach a new and exciting project every quarter.  You will have a vote as to what we learn.  You may also bring in projects you want to finish and problems I may can offer you help.  I will be glad to also help you with individual projects you have always wished to do but have not been motivated.  The group will share with show and tell and offer helpful tips to all.
You will enjoy being a part of such a group and we may even plan field trips along the way.  The possibilities are endless and you will make friendships that will last a lifetime.  Hope to see you there

This happens:
session 1:  Friday (02/14/2014)
session 2:  Friday (03/14/2014)
session 3:  Friday (04/11/2014)
session 4:  Friday (05/09/2014)
session 5:  Friday (06/13/2014)
session 6:  Friday (07/11/2014)
session 7:  Friday (08/08/2014)
session 8:  Saturday (09/20/2014)
session 9:  Friday (10/10/2014)
session 10:  Friday (11/14/2014)
session 11:  Friday (12/12/2014)


Serger Class

Serger Class

class level: Beginner
instructor: Barb Hendricks
cost: $10.00

start time: 7:00 pm
end time: 8:30 pm

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Make friends with your serger. Is your serger still in its box because you are afraid of it? Then this class is for you. You know you bought this special machine for a reason. We will show you that reason. This is a techniques class for all sergers and all skill levels. It is a monthly class. Video &"hands on" each month featuring a different way to use your serger.

This happens:
session 1:  Thursday (10/16/2014)
session 2:  Thursday (11/20/2014)
session 3:  Thursday (12/18/2014)
session 4:  Tuesday (05/20/2014)



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